Outpatient Physical Therapy Center

Kimberlie Forbes

PT / Arrow Rehabilitation

I have truly enjoyed joining the team at Arrow Rehabilitation. The staff maintains courtesy and respect towards each other and all patients, and we all work together to give each patient the best experience possible and success towards their rehabilitation. Encouragement and support is given towards professional development as we all grow in our profession. We look forward to growing our practice as we strive to better serve our community!

Haylie Allegra

Patient Representative/Marketing Director / Arrow Rehabilitation

Working for Arrow Rehabilitation has been very rewarding. As the Marketing Director I get the opportunity to guide the people in our amazing city towards better health and independence. It’s truly rewarding to watch our patients progress improve and see them reach their recovery goals. We have an amazing staff that puts the patients first and knows how to make everyone that walks through our doors feel like family. The positive and fun atmosphere at Arrow is contagious, which makes working here such a pleasure!

Mary Hutsell

Front Desk Receptionist / Arrow Rehabilitation

Working as the Front Desk Receptionist as been a wonderful experience, I love having constant interaction with each and every patient that walks through our doors. I have lived in Palm Coast for 11 years now and I love the area! We have a lot of nice little lunch spots that are close by which makes it convenient. I have learned so much in this position, learning insurance information to learning more about the medical field and how rehabilitative therapy actually works. The biggest benefit I have found from my position is seeing patients when they first come to their initial evaluation to the progress they make at the last evaluation.

Katy Kleinschmit

Vice President of Administration / Arrow Rehabilitation

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to work in such an exciting environment. The staff here are such a great team to work with! I look forward to going to work because I have the opportunity to help people get back into action physically. It is so satisfy to see the change that people go through from the time they come in the door for their first visit to their last appointment. It is like seeing a whole new person leave the clinic! It brings me great joy to be able to help someone get back to their daily life!

Jim Bowe

President / ArrowRehab

Working at Arrow has provided me with valuable experience treating patients with a variety of diagnoses as well as developing my professional skills in a fun and supportive environment. At Arrow creativity, collaboration, and continued learning is encouraged and all team members continually strive to advance their skills. I am grateful to work at a clinic that puts the patients first and gives back to the community.

Hyrum Padgett

PTA / ArrowRehab

Hello my name is Hyrum Padgett and I am a Physical Therapists Assistant at Arrow Rehabilitation. Working at Arrow has truly been a dream come true! I first experienced Arrow Rehab as a volunteer for observation hours which was a pre-requisite for the PTA program at Daytona State College. I remember at that point becoming a PTA seemed so far out of reach and I was dreaming of what it would be like to have such an Amazing career. I was very impressed with Arrow Rehab since I had observed at 3 other rehab facilities and I dreamed that one day I would be here. Later I entered the PTA program and was fortunate to coincidently be placed at Arrow for my last clinical rotation. I loved working at Arrow as a student and let it be known that if there was ever an opening I would love the opportunity to work here. I am extremely thankful that Jim Bowe CEO and Lynn Kleinshmit VPO allowed me to keep my foot in the door and opened it for me when the time was right. The difference between the other Physical therapy facilities I have worked at and here; Arrow Rehabilitation is a private owned practice, feels like a family and that attitude is infectious to all that have participated here. Take Care and God Bless. Sincerely, Hyrum Padgett PTA