Outpatient Physical Therapy Center

S.C., Palm Coast

My full recovery from rotator cuff surgery was made possible with help from the professional and caring staff. My therapy regimen consisted of setting goals for each phase of my recovery and monitoring my progress after each therapy session. My personal goal was to recover fully in time to compete in a very important golf tournament the following month. I am happy to say that we achieved this goal and I am registered to play. Coming back from shoulder surgery is painful and requires a lot of hard work and discipline, but the amazingly generous and caring staff made it all tolerable.

J.T., Palm Coast

After a series of major falls, it was determined that my muscles had been weakened by medication, so the therapists started me on exercises to strengthen those areas. Besides training me to follow a set routine, I was given an exercise chart to follow at home. As my strength started to return, I was able to stop using a four-point cane and was taught to use a single light cane—an enormous improvement in my daily routine. My balance was also ‘way off’ and with training, I now am at a normal level.

S.G., Ponte Vedra Beach

The first day I came here I couldn’t roll my wrist over. My range of motion was limited I could not swing a golf club. But now I have no pain when I roll my wrist over and I have full range of motion and I am able to play golf again.

S.V., Palm Coast

My therapy consisted of one session, which completely cured me of vertigo!

J.G., Palm Coast

I am very happy with the results of my knee; both the surgery and the therapy. The therapists were great and gave me exercises to do at home as well as at the office. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing therapy after surgery!

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