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Massage is generally intended to reduce stress and fatigue while improving circulation through the manipulation of soft tissue.  Massage therapy works well for someone with regular tension, chronic pain, or to assist with recovery from joint replacement surgeries. When paired with physical therapy and occupational therapy it can facilitate healing and help to maintain flexibility, and overall well- being.

We offer several variations of massage geared towards different goals.
Therapeutic Massage is more medical in nature and used to assist in relieving tension from chronic pain and or injury. Commonly used in conjunction with physical therapy and occupational therapy.
Deep Tissue: Is a deeper technique using the application of fists and elbows to target the deeper layers of muscle tissue to aide in tension relief.
Swedish Massage: primarily uses lighter gliding techniques, along with kneading and deep friction to provide a relaxing effect.
Lymphatic Drainage: Used primarily for those experiencing swelling due to liquids (edema). This type of massage uses gliding and pumping techniques to help the body recirculate excess fluids. Also useful in draining congestion and sinuses.  This service is provided by our Lymphedema Specialist and Occupational Therapist, Marcy Kerr, MS, OTR/L.
Headache Relief: This massage stimulates different acupressure points that can assist in relief of headaches.
Trigger Point Release: Used to target and release specific points/knots where nerves are impinged by tight muscle tissue that cause shooting pains to other areas of the body.